An RDSP allows you to save money for the future, without paying tax on the earnings. The federal government will contribute as much at $90,000 to YOUR account. Your provincial government disability benefits will be unaffected. Really, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain…

Top 10 reasons to open an RDSP

  1. You choose where to invest your money. All the major Canadian banks are offering RDSPs.
  2. The government contributes generously! For every $1 saved, they will match up to $3.
  3. If you have a low income and cannot invest yourself, the government will still save for you!
  4. An RDSP will not affect your disability benefits.
  5. This is an easy way to save for big items like mortgage down payments, home renovations, cars, and vacations.
  6. There are no restrictions—you can spend the money on anything you choose.
  7. When you close an RDSP, your contributions and investment gained are yours.
  8. With savings tucked away, the future becomes yours to imagine.
  9. If you become more powerful economically, decision makers will need to take you seriously.
  10. The whole world is watching. What happens here in Canada may determine the future of people with disabilities in other countries.

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