The Disability Tax Credit (DTC) reduces your taxes in recognition of your disability. You claim the credit when you file your taxes. The DTC is non-refundable—this means you will pay less tax but you do not get any money back.

You need the Disability Tax Credit in order to open an RDSP account.

If you were unaware of the DTC in previous years, you may be entitled to some money back! Sometimes this can be as much as $15,000. Approval can take a few months. Start now and get the ball rolling!

If you do not have it or are not sure if you can get it, you will need to apply. You (or a parent or caregiver) and a health practitioner will need to fill out Form T-2201 After both sections of the form have been filled out, you must submit the completed form to the Canadian Revenue Agency for Assessment. Following this assessment, the Canadian Revenue Agency will determine whether you are eligible to receive the Disability Tax Credit or not.

Help with the Disability Tax Credit (DTC)

Have questions or need assistance with the DTC? DABC is able to assist individuals through one on one support.

Contact DABC:

Advocacy Access line: 604-872-1278
Toll-free: 1-800-663-1278


Click here for the DABC website to view more information on these services.

More information on the Disability Tax Credit and eligibility can be found here.