You can apply on behalf of a child with a disability (under the age of 18) if:

  • The child is a BC resident
  • The child has not previously benefited from a $150 grant from Endowment 150
  • You hold an RDSP
  • You receive the federal Disability Tax Credit (DTC) on behalf of the child
    • The DTC is available to persons with a disability to help reduce income taxes. To be eligible for the DTC you (or your dependent) must have a severe and prolonged impairment. The DTC is a requirement when opening an RDSP
    • Find out more information about the DTC.
    • Review the Canada Revenue Agency requirements for receiving the DTC and download the DTC application forms


Here’s what you’ll need to include with your application to Endowment 150:

  •  Endowment 150 Child Application Form (Download below)
  • A copy of a recent RDSP statement, transaction record, or confirmation from the bank where your RDSP is deposited
    • Make sure this includes: the RDSP beneficiary (the child with a disability that the RDSP is intended to support), the RDSP holder (often a parent or guardian), and the RDSP account number
    • “Recent” means dated less than 6 months ago


Mail or fax in your application form and RDSP statement to:

Plan Institute
Suite 260 – 3665 Kingsway
Vancouver, BC  V5R 5W2
Phone: 604.439.9566
Fax: 604.439.7001

Click the button below to download the child application form.

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