Two Pillars for A Good Life

PLAN’s goal is to assist in ensuring a safe and secure future people with disabilities and, in the process, to provide their family members with peace of mind. PLAN’s vision is a good life for all people with disabilities and their families.

The future is one where you or your loved one with a disability is encouraged to participate in and contribute to community; have wishes and choices respected; enjoy financial security; live in a place of their own choice; and, are protected from abuse and exploitation. The two main and intertwined pillars are financial and social well-being.

Financial Well Being

You or your loved one with a disability may be financially dependent.

We encourage the use of assets to supplement services and programs provided by government to try and achieve a good life. There are a number of ways to build financial security:

  • Accept the contributions of family and friends who want to help. Many people may want to help by providing cash gifts or inheritance to your son or daughter. Letting them know how to give that money (directly to an RDSP or trust) will ensure that it is a help rather than a conflict with government benefits regulations.
  • Learn about and utilize the financial tools available- Registered Disability Savings Plan, discretionary trusts, RESPs, RRSP-rollover into an RDSP are all useful pieces in the planning puzzle.
  • Do your will properly. Engage a lawyer who understands the government system of benefits and supported decision making avenues. Plan Institute offers workshops on Will, Trusts, & Estate planning specific to the needs of your vulnerable loved one. Click here to find out more.
  • Look at how life insurance fits into your future plan.
  • Explore how homeownership contributes to both you and your relative’s financial and social security.

Social Well-being

Apart from financial security, a good social network is of equal importance when it comes to securing a good life. A social network includes all the people that you know. However, the most important individuals are the ones that you know well, trust, and turn to for advice and friendship- usually family and friends. Strong social networks reduce vulnerability, provide security and offer companionship.

One of the core services that PLAN provides is the development of social networks – building and maintaining networks of friends and family for life.

More Information About Future Planning

Plan Institute offers several future planning workshops. Click below for a complete list and to find out more.