The government of British Columbia and the disability community are working together to implement Accessibility 2024, a 10-year action plan to make B.C. the most accessible province in Canada for people with disabilities. This includes working across a wide array of sectors to promote accessibility through employment opportunities and promoting the uptake of RDSPs in B.C. through the newly formed RDSP Action Group.

Although there is still much work to be done, actions and initiatives to increase accessibility and reduce barriers are being identified on an ongoing basis. Here is some of the progress made so far:

Info from the Government of BC website

$5 million to support British Columbians with physical disabilities

To further reduce barriers and make services and resources more easily accessible for people with disabilities, the Province is providing the BC Spinal Cord Injury Community Services Network (BC SCI Network) with $5 million to enhance their services for British Columbians with a physical disability. Read the full news release.

Health Ministry to cover Parkinson’s medication

In recognition of the challenges faced by British Columbians with Parkinson’s disease, the Ministry of Health will be working with the Pacific Parkinson’s Research Centre to identify and prioritize patients for coverage of the medication Duodopa. Read the full news release.

Survey on Hidden Mobility Disabilities

Hidden mobility disability means being able to walk unaided but only a short distance without health consequences. If you or someone you know has a hidden mobility disability, Dr. Dorothy Riddle asks that you take a survey to help compile data to advocate for people with hidden mobility disabilities. Visit the website to learn more about the project and to take the survey.


WHY I SIGN is a video created during the Deaf Youth Today 2016 summer camp. Not only did the campers learn film skills – preparing, practicing, creating, filming – they all shared their experiences of why communication in sign language is an important part of their lives. Access the video through Youtube:
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