The PLAN RDSP Calculator was developed in 2008 as a way to help Canadian families determine the estimated future value of their Registered Disability Savings Plan.

In a few quick steps, anyone can estimate the amount of Grant and Bond they are eligible for, as well as the approximate value of future payments. Over the last five years, nearly 50,000 people have accessed the calculator and it continue to be of the most popular parts of this website. Find the RDSP Calculator here:

However, the RDSP has undergone a number of changes since it was launched nearly five years ago—including new rollover allowances, flexibility on withdrawals for those with a shortened life expectancy, as well as annual increases to Family Income thresholds. Many of these adjustments are not reflected in the current Calculator.

We would like to develop a new and improved RDSP Calculator that is up-to-date and easier to use than ever before. And we are looking to you for some ideas and feedback.

Please fill out the following quick survey. The five questions will take only a few minutes and will make a big difference in helping families and people with disabilities all across Canada achieve financial security.

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