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After much research, discussion and deliberation, the RDSP Resource Centre submitted its recommendations to improve the Registered Disability Savings Plan.  Obviously with approximately $450 million in 50,000 plans, the RDSP must be looked at as stunning success.  Few social programs can claim such immediate impact. Congratulations to PLAN for the idea and advocacy and Minister Flaherty for championing the idea!

At the same time, with an estimated 500,000 who should qualify, we must ask, “Why aren’t more people using RDSPs to save for their future?”  Kudos also to Minister Flaherty not only for championing the plan but also acknowledging that it can be improved.

The discussion is drawing to a close as officials in Finance Canada sift through submissions and decide how to make the RDSP more useful for Canadians with disabilities.  The Resource Centre ranked its “Top 10 List” (revised) of recommendations.  Click here to check out the list. Vote for your own preference by clicking on the link above.