The Peterborough Poverty Reduction Network held a public consultation on the effectiveness of the Registered Disability Savings Plan in early December. We wrote our report based on this consultation as well as on discussions with healthcare and disability services providers and on our own experiences educating, promoting and providing support to low-income people with disabilities and their families.

Our report looks through the lens of poverty at the effectiveness of the RDSP to help people save for the long-term financial security of a person with a disability. In addition to addressing general problematic areas, we provide a much-needed perspective (in our opinion) on the particular challenges of opening, managing and utilizing an RDSP for people living on low incomes.

Our group will be using this report to develop a targeted and useful program to facilitate access to and savings through the RDSP in Peterborough.

Report: Revised PPRN RDSP Consultation Report – Web Ready

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Teresa Daw
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Peterborough Poverty Reduction Network

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