Human Resources and Skills Development Canada is holding two discussion groups about communication materials the government is developing that will provide information about services for eligible Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP) applicants.

They are seeking parents and legal guardians of someone who is eligible for the RDSP grant and/or bond to participate. In appreciation of their time and involvement, qualified participants will receive $135.00 cash at the end of the session.

The discussions will be conducted on Wednesday,  September 1st in the evening (one group at 6:00pm, and one at 8:00pm) at a downtown location.  The groups will last 2 hours.

Participation in this project is voluntary.  All information collected will be used for research purposes only and administered according to the Privacy Act.  The names of participants will not be provided to any third party.  There are no sales involved nor will you or the participants be contacted by any organization as a result of their participation.

To register, contact Fai Vapiwalla at 1-800-277-7530 or