We are continuing to find that many people still haven’t heard about the RDSP, aren’t aware of the benefits (EVEN IF THEY CAN’T CONTRIBUTE!), or don’t know how it works or how to set one up.

With a number of partners in BC, Alberta and Ontario we are putting on even more¬† seminars, telephone seminars and, in Ontario, webinars.¬† If you want to check what’s available in your region, check the following links:


– In person: http://www.communitylivingontario.ca/families-individuals/funding-services/rdsp/rdsp-sessions-schedule

– Webinars: http://plantoronto.ca/RDSPwebinars/

BC and Alberta

– In person: http://forthefuture.ca/

– Telephone seminars: http://www.plan.ca/sections/seminars.html?utm_source=forthefuture.ca&utm_medium=websitelink&utm_campaign=rdspforthefuture

Feel free to pass this on to friends, forward the links and post to websites and blogs.