If you would like easy to understand information on the new Registered Disability Savings Plan please visit www.rdsp.com.

The Government of Canda recently began its first wave of advertising around the Registered Disability Savings Plan.  The advertising campaign has been started to raise awareness of the plan, including the Canada Disability Savings Grant ($3,500 matching contributions) and the Canada Disability Savings Bond ($1,000, no contributions).

The advertising campaign will be run through national radio and print media, and is available at www.disabilitysavings.gc.ca

It includes:

2 radio advertisements: Betty’s Parent (listen here) and Sean (listen here), and;

A print advertisement: Helping People with Disabilities Save for the Future (click here).

From what we have heard, the uptake of RDSPs has been pretty good, and a lot of money has been distributed in Grants and Bonds already.  This should probably raise the awareness of the RDSP further, and will hopefully continue the momentum created by the launch of the RDSP in December of 2008.