Starting this morning, RBC began offering RDSPs to Canadians from across the country.  If you would like to view more information on RBC’s launch of the RDSP you can visit, or the french equivalent

RBC will be offering the RDSP through their RBC Advisors who you can set up an appointment with by calling 1-800-463-3863.

Remember, if you want to benefit from the 2008 Grant and Bond, make sure to set up your RDSP and contribute before March 2, 2009.  On December 23rd, 2008, the Federal Government announced that they would provide an extension to receive the 2008 Grant and Bond due to the shortened timeframe and limited number of financial institutions offering the plan.

Here is the application form from RBC if you want to take a look.  You will need to fill part of this out with the RBC Advisor.


We will keep updating the blog as soon as other financial institutions come on board!