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On December 3rd PLAN and PLAN Institute gathered with friends, partners, and supporters to celebrate a historic milestone.   After years of hard work, advocacy, and partnership, the Registered Disability Savings Plan became a reality on December 1st.  During the celebration there were speeches by Al Etmanski, President and Co-Founder of PLAN, MLA Claude Richmond, Jack Styan, Executive Director of PLAN, Vickie Cammack, Executive Director of PLAN Institute, and Rob and Kathy Bromley, PLAN Lifetime members. 

These speeches spoke to the power of the RDSP and the work that has gone into implementing the plan.  We also had some families come up and speak about how they see themselves using the RDSP when it becomes available.


PLAN Executive Director Jack Styan explaining the impact of the RDSP for Canadian families


PLAN President Al Etmanski and MLA Claude Richmond discussing social finance and the innovation of an RDSP


PLAN Lifetime Members Rob and Cathy Bromley sharing the meaning of the RDSP for their family

At the celebration the BC Government announced that they will be publishing 40,000 copies of the book Safe and Secure – RDSP Edition to disseminate free to individuals and families across the province to help people plan for the future and understand things like the RDSP, trusts, wills and estates, supported decision-making, etc…  These books will be available to families sometime in the new year.