Congratulations!  Yet another province has come out fully in favour of the Registered Disability Savings Plan. Yesterday, in the Speech from the Throne, the Manitoba Government indicated that they would be exempting the RDSP.

Manitobans with disabilities will have their eligibility for provincial supports expanded, by exempting federal Registered Disability Savings Plans from eligibility assessments. (click here for Throne Speech)

Today, at a noon press conference, the Government of Manitoba announced that they will fully support the launch of the RDSP in December and will be exempting the RDSP as an asset and income for those receiving Employment and Income Assistance (EIA) from the province.  Manitoba has now become the fifth province/territory to fully exempt the RDSP, including British Columbia, Newfoundland and Labrador, Yukon, and Saskatchewan.  Manitoba residents will now be able to fully benefit from the plan without fear of having their Disability Benefits clawed back by asset and income tested Disability Benefits.  The Manitoba Government should be applauded for its move to help people with disabilities across the province save for their future financial well-being.

Manitoba went further and announced that they will also be reviewing trust policy to better harmonize it with the treatment of the RDSP and gifts to any Manitoban with a disability up to $500 a month.  We hope that other Governments across Canada come out fully in support of the RDSP and also follow Manitoba’s example in reviewing the treatment of trusts to harmonize with the RDSP and allowing families to help out their relative with up to $500 a month in gifts.

Excellent news!

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