Planned Lifetime Advocacy Network (PLAN) has made our third and most recent informational Bulletin, Canada’s New RDSP, available to you as a PDF download FREE (download here).

Understanding how to best use the RDSP for our families is complicated. We brought together families and professionals to develop the most comprehensive information so far about the RDSP. The result: a combination of professional and lay advice; technical articles and personal stories.

Topics include:

  1. – The RDSP
  2. – Contributions, Grants and Bonds
  3. – Holding and Operating an RDSP
  4. – Advantages of the RDSP
  5. – Payments from the RDSP
  6. – Annuities
  7. – Family Stories

To receive a FREE copy of Canada’s New RDSP you can click on this link: PLAN Bulletin – The RDSP