For anyone who is interested, the Canadian Revenue Agency came out with a webpage which provides a template of what issuers (financial institutions) might use for drafting agreements with anyone wanting to sign up for an RDSP.  This “sample pro forma declaration of trust” can be used by prospective RDSP issuers to develop their own declaration of trust.  It’s worth taking a look at as it outlines a lot of the important characteristics of the plan in a lot of detail.  Be warned – It is also written in bureaucratic-speak, so will require some sifting and interpretation for much of the sections.

To take a look you can visit: 

As well, there is a section on “Frequently Asked Questions” which is very useful and answers questions like:

Who can be a beneficiary under an RDSP?  Who can be a beneficiary under an RDSP?  Can the holder of an RDSP be changed?  How long can contributions be made to an RDSP?  Who can be an issuer of an RDSP?  When is an RDSP considered registered?  When is an RDSP no longer considered registered?  

If you want to view the “FAQs” you can visit: