If you are interested in what is happening in the provinces there was a really interesting article in the Globe and Mail today written by Andre Picard. It is all about the RDSP and the need for provinces to exempt the RDSP as an asset and exempt withdrawals. It is really well written and asks the provinces to support the RDSP and move the disability agenda in the right direction. Here is an excerpt from the article:

“The disability community does not have powerful lobbyists and chummy connections in corridors of power. But that is no reason to ignore their needs and exploit their financial vulnerabilities. RDSP plans go on sale in December. There is no excuse for every province and territory to not have committed to amend its rules by that time. Parents of children with disabilities – bipolar disorder, autism, spina bifida and countless other chronic conditions – already have a tremendous burden of care. When their children grow into adulthood – as the vast majority now do thanks to medical advances – the cold reality is that most will be condemned to a life of poverty.”

To read the rest of this article you can click here: http://www.plan.ca/documents/GlobeMail07-31-08.pdf