“What are people going to do with all that money?” Someone asked the question at a recent presentation when we were reviewing one of our scenarios. They realized immediately what the question meant. They were no longer bound to think about life from a “poverty trap”. They could begin to dream again like everyone else. They would be able to do things that they had automatically ignored for the last umpteen years.

In creating the RDSP, the federal government has not limited what people can spend their funds on. In accomodating the RDSP, the governments of British Columbia and Newfoundland and Labrador have done the same. All of these governments have sent two strong messages to people and their families:

  • “We trust you to spend your money in the best way possible.”
  • “We want you to improve your lives and realize your dreams.”

What would you or your loved one do with their RDSP? How would they improve their lives and realize their dreams? Please add a line or two and let us know.