For anyone living in Saskatchewan, the recent Provincial Budget that was released last Wednesday has outlined the Government’s commitment to drastically increase the amount provided for four of the Disability-related tax credits. We are very pleased to see that the Saskatchewan Government has decided to take this step in increasing the Caregiver Tax Credit, the Infirm Dependent Tax Credit, the Disability Supplement Tax Credit, and the Disability Amount for Self Tax Credit.

This will positively impact individuals with severe disabilities and those who care for elderly or disabled relatives when they file their next year’s tax return. According to the Budget the Government has committed to doubling the Caregiver Tax Credit (from $4,095 to $8,190), doubling the Infirm Dependent Tax Credit (from $4,095 to $8,190), doubling the Disability Supplement Tax Credit (from $4,095 to $8,190), and increasing the Disability Amount for Self Tax Credit (from $7,021 to $8,190).

As well, they have committed to making enhancements to many of the programs available for people with intellectual disabilities, including day programming, housing supports, and support initiatives.

This will hopefully encourage more people to file a tax return for themselves or for their loved one with a disability. Many people who do not have an income are simply not filing a return and are therefore missing out on a large amount of money that they are entitled too.

If you would like to read the Saskatchewan Budget Summary, you can go to the following website: