BC is the first provincial government to respond to the RDSP. The BC Government has opened the door for people with disabilities and their families to use the RDSP in securing the future and improving their lives.

Minister Claude Richmond and his colleagues have exempted RDSPs as assets for determining eligibility for Disability Benefits. They have also exempted all income from RDSPs, allowing people to use the plan in whatever way they see fit without any penalties.

BC has set the high watermark for other provinces to reach for.

The BC Government’s act represents a new way forward, a huge first step in a new prosperity agenda for people with disabilities. This action begins to turn disability benefits into a floor, encouraging people with disabilities to get ahead, rather than a ceiling, above which people can’t expect to rise.

This move represents a huge improvement on BC’s trust rules, which were already among the best in the country. It also sets the stage for even further improvements.